13 Questions With: GABOUREY SIDIBE

This month, we’re doing 13 Questions With: Gabourey Sidibe! Gabourey and Isaac became good friends when Isaac was a recurring guest on the final season of The Big C!

Gabby Sidibe

Describe your morning ritual. 

1. I check my phone for text and emails

2. Stretch

3. Pee in shower

4. Cook breakfast while watching DVRed reality shows

What quality would you most like to have?


What’s your motto?

Fake it, ‘Til you make it!!!

Song of the moment:

Beyonce 7/11

Last Google search?

Haunted History Tours, NYC

Title of your memoir?

“Dammit! Where Are My Keys? ; The Gabourey Sidibe Story: Vollume Z”

What’s your most treasured possession?

My script book from the week I hosted Saturday Night Live

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Banana Pudding and Love & Hip Hop ATL

Flats or heels?

Barefoot (I have flat feet and I’m a baby)

What was your first email address or screen name?

Skam006@yahoo.com, (password): NSYNC4EVA, 8th grade

I can’t go one day without _________.

Checking Twitter

What does pink mean to you?

Help Fight Breast Cancer!! (also) SPRING!!!