Beauty How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

We want to make sure that keeping your make-up brushes clean is a part of your regular beauty routine!

Cleaning your makeup brushes is important to ensure you’re getting the best performance from your brushes without spreading bacteria and dirt which can build up with regular use.  Here are a few quick and easy tips that will help you keep your makeup brushes in tip-top shape: -Run your brushes under lukewarm water so that all of the heaviest makeup residue rinses out. -Using a gentle shampoo or cleanser, make a small droplet on the top of the brush. Less is more! -Massage the shampoo into the bristles of the brush while avoiding the handle as much as possible. -Rinse the brush tip under cold water several times until the run-off water is clear. -Squeeze the bristles with a clean cloth until towel dry. -Lay your brush over the edge of your bathroom counter overnight and wake up to fresh clean brushes for your morning makeup! Shop our collection of TRUE Isaac Mizrahi makeup brushes here!