StyleHow to Wear Winter White

Blog_WinterWhiteBlog_WinterWhiteThrow away the fashion rulebook! White after Labor Day is definitely a “do.” Read along for 3 tips to help you style your winter white this season.

1.) Remember, its not 75 and sunny! Wearing the trend can work if you wear it in heavy knits; wools, cashmeres, and felted sweater fabric. Texture is equally important wearing it in cable knits, cross hatched yarns, and brocades. This way, people won’t be questioning the seasonality of your ensemble.

2.) The term winter white is a tone that is cream, taupe, or egg-shell. Pure white is too bright for this season…you’ll start to match the snow!

3.) Add a personal touch! Pairing is not as important with this creamy tone. You can go more tonal with this trend or pair it contrasting colors. And texture on texture? It’s a fresh way to stand out in a sea of winter whites.