StyleFit Fashion

As the temps drop, we all crave coziness. Well, it’s your lucky day! Athleisure has proven its place in the fashion arena, and the Isaac Mizrahi SOHO Collection is the perfect way to achieve comfortable chic. Read on for tips to master this trend.

1.) Mix it up! Always offset the leisure item with something more refined. Wearing a structured blazer with a pair of joggers, or a pair of slip on sneakers with a chic day dress, helps to anchor the look and make it feel more polished.

2.) Minimalism is key. Keep the color story and tone consistent. It’s great to have one statement piece in a look, but keeping everything else in an outfit understated will help the ensemble feel elevated.

3.) There’s a time and a place for everything. While this trend can be comfortable and chic, keep in mind the circumstance in which it is appropriate to try it out. Grabbing brunch with friends is the perfect place to feel comfortable and stylish, but giving client presentation in jogger pants? Maybe not the best plan.