EatsDIY Milkshake

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Black Tap Milkshakes are becoming an internet sensation, and the long lines and packed crowds are proof of their growing popularity.  Who wants to wait over an hour for a $15 milkshake when you can make your own right from home? This DIY is fun, fast and easy, and saves you the trouble (and money)!

What you’ll need:
– Ice cream of your choice (we love strawberry)
-A classic milkshake glass
– Vanilla frosting
– Colorful candy
– Whipped cream
– Cute straw

1. Spread a thick layer of frosting along the outside edge of your glass. This will serve as the “glue” for your candy creations.
2. Blend milk and ice cream and pour into glass. 
3. Stick on a ton of candy (as much as possible, this is meant to be over-the-top!)
4. Pile on the whipped cream and MORE candy 🙂
5. Stick your straw in and voila!

Nutritional information purposely not included.

P.S. it is 100% necessary to photograph and Instagram your masterpiece.