Fall CocktailThe East New York Flip

As the temperature drops, warm up and relax by shaking up our favorite desert cocktail, the East New York Flip.

We suggest concocting this delectable libation proper style using shakers, 1 jigger, a shaker strainer, and one large ice cube for optimal flavor and reduced watering-down.

Begin by placing the following into the small shaker: 1 egg yolk in the small shaker 3/4 oz of honey syrup 1 dollop of cream

Snap on the large shaker and shake shake shake a good 5 thrusts!

Open large shaker and drop in 1.5 oz jigger of bourbon add your chunk of ice, and snap on the large shaker again and shake shake shake

snap open and pour with strainer into a frosty glass of your choice!

grate cinnamon stick over the top – and drink !