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IM Loves… Freedom - Isaac Mizrahi

With Independence Day right behind us, what better time to talk about what freedom means to us—and to Isaac?

For this week’sIM Loves… entry, we’re talking about freedom. Specifically, what freedom means to Isaac and how it’s become a recurring theme throughout his illustrious career. 

Isaac Personifies Freedom and Independence

So, why is the 4th of July so important to Isaac and his designs?

From his early days as a child,Isaac preferred Barbies to G.I. Joes. He was fascinated by the different outfits and showed his penchant for fashion as early as five years old. 

Unfortunately, in the ’60s, this was subject to ridicule—the world wasn’t as accepting back then as it is today. 

However, these early experiences helped mold Isaac into a world-renowned fashion designer. He chose freedom: To be free from societal expectations and follow the path thathe wanted instead of the one chosen for him. 

His sense of freedom and independence emerged in his designs, too—eccentric styles, vivid colors, and “American clothing with a real sense of humor”. 

Breaking Free With I.M.

In a sense,Isaac writing his memoir titled “I.M. helped free him from his past label as “just a designer.” Now, he’s an author, performer, entertainer, and inspiration to those following in his footsteps. 

Not only has he been a beloved judge on Project Runway, but he’s also found the freedom to explore multiple passions, such as acting in and directing theatre productions, including his recent performance inChicago. 

Freedom means everything to Isaac and his work. For him, Independence Day represents the freedom to have chosen his own path and continue to do so in the future. 

Onto the Future

In the future, we can expect more of Isaac forging his own path and paving the way for those following in his footsteps, whether it’s in fashion, theatre, or any other creative avenue.

With 35 years of Isaac Mizrahi to share, we have many more stories to tell. The next entry in theIM Loves… series will be here soon—stay tuned!