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IM Loves… Musicians - Isaac Mizrahi

The  Grammys are just around the corner, so now is the best time to talk about Isaac Mizrahi’s designs worn by musicians over the years!

This entry in the  “IM Loves…”  series covers Isaac’s work for different musicians over the years. His work spans multiple decades, and several multiple-time Grammy winners. Here, we’ll discuss four iconic stars:  Lil Kim, Rihanna, Sandra Bernhard, and Ariana Grande.

The  IM Loves… series celebrates 35 years of the Isaac Mizrahi brand and his work throughout different industries. Stay tuned for more entries in the future!

Lil Kim

One of the most iconic instances of a musician wearing an Isaac Mizrahi original was Lil Kim. Isaac was (and is) a big fan of Lil Kim—in fact, he  interviewed her on his show in 2003 and had nothing but praise for her work!

Lil Kim wore an Isaac Mizrahi original under her white coat for the duration of the interview. 


Another  multiple-time Grammy winner, iconic superstar Rihanna has won  nine Grammys and has been nominated  33 times! 

In 2010, Rihanna sported an iconic Isaac Mizrahi look—  a gorgeous and bold Isaac Mizrahi skirt while promoting herRated R album at a press conference in Seoul, South Korea. 

Sandra Bernhard

For this one, we’re going back to 1989. Isaac and Sandra have been friends since the late 80’s when Isaac fitted Sandra in a strapless hot-pants hostess suit for an MTV special. The look wasso iconic that  Sandra went on to wear the same outfit in the film version of her acclaimed stage show:Without You I’m Nothing

Sandra and Isaac have remained friends over the years—just a few years ago,  the pair sat down together for a fun conversation covering everything from the time they met to different events throughout their lives!

Ariana Grande

It’s hard to beat the feeling of having your clothing designs immortalized on an album cover! For her  infamous 2020 album  Positions, Ariana wore two unique Isaac Mizrahi pieces—a  beautiful vintage green top and matching skirt

Most people aren’t strangers to Ariana’s music, and she has won  two  Grammys with a total of  15 nominations. 

To the Future

We always look forward to seeing new and old artists fitted with Isaac Mizrahi pieces. With Isaac’s vast music tastes, you never know who might be wearing an Isaac Mizrahi original at the Grammys or at any other music awards show!

35 years is a long time, and we’ve gotso much more to share with you in the  “IM Loves…”series. Stay tuned for our next entry!