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IM Loves… The TIME Magazine Cover - Isaac Mizrahi

We can’t imagine the feeling of having one of your fashion designs grace the cover of a magazine.

For Isaac, this is a reality—the September 1991 issue of TIME magazine featured one of his dress designs front and center! 

In this edition of the “IM Loves…” series, we’ll talk about the TIME magazine cover, the illustrious dress, and the model featured on the cover: Naomi Campbell. 

Who is Naomi Campbell?

Naomi Campbell is an English model who has worked with Isaac throughout her career. 

For example, just four years after the TIME magazine cover, Naomi was featured in Isaac’s renowned documentary,Unzipped. She was part of a cast that helped pull back the veil on the fashion industry and show what everything wasreally like behind the scenes.

Aside from TIME magazine, Naomi has appeared on many magazine covers, includingover 60 editions of Vogue magazine worldwide.

The Famous TIME Magazine Cover Dress

So, what was Naomi wearing on the cover of TIME?

Isaac designed a truly one-of-a-kind dress for the occasion—a totem pole-inspired dress complete with unique patterns, colors, and a gorgeous fit. The dress brought Native American design elements together to create a truly glamorous dress that we would love to see replicated for another event.

The dress is iconic and will be remembered for many years!

We Hope to See More Magazine Covers in the Future

Isaac’s designs have been featured across all different forms of media—theatre, the red carpet, movies, and much more.

In the future, we would love to see another one of Isaac’s designs grace the cover of a magazine. 

We’re not done telling Isaac’s story over the past 35 years. With three months left in the year, there are more IM Loves… entries to come—stay tuned!