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How to Untangle a Necklace - Our Guide - Isaac Mizrahi

When it comes to creating iconic and unforgettable outfits, you can’t forget the accessories—rings, sunglasses, bracelets, and much more.

You can also go with one of our favorites: A classy necklace. 

Here’s the problem—necklaces can get tangled easily if they aren’t stored properly. You’ve probably seen it before: A jumbled mess of chains with seemingly no end in sight. 

If you’re not sure how to untangle a necklace, we’ve got you covered. Here are four of our favorite methods that you can use to untangle your necklaces.

With Baby Powder

The first common method used to untangle a necklace is with baby powder. You’ll want to start by grabbing a soft cloth or a dish—either of these items will work to keep baby powder from getting everywhere.

From there, lay your tangled necklace out on the cloth and douse it in baby powder—don’t hold back here, either. The baby powder acts as a lubricant, and you’ll want a fair amount of it to get to work.

Begingently tugging at the knots. The baby powder should help loosen up the chain links and make it much easier for you to untangle the necklace. 

Be careful here, though—pullingtoo hard on a fine jewelry chain can cause the chain to snap.

When you’re finished, you can rinse off the baby powder and the necklace will be like new.

With Oil

The oil method is similar to the baby powder method—start with a dish, lay your necklace in it, and pour some oil overtop. For this method, we recommend baby oil—however, in a pinch, olive oil works well too. Alternatively, you can also use a cotton swab to dab the oil into the problem areas of the necklace.

As you massage the oil into the knots, begin tugging at them gently. Like with the baby powder, you’ll want to be gentle to avoid snapping the necklace. 

To clean the necklace after applying oil, you may want to use mild soap or jewelry cleaner. Dry the necklace gently using a paper towel, and you’re good to go.

With a Straight Pin

If you don’t have the above supplies on hand, you can use a straight pin to help you dislodge any knots in a tiny necklace.

For this, you’ll need a small safety pin, needle, tiny screwdriver, or a thumbtack. Simply insert the pin directly into the center of the knot—the smaller surface area will allow you to get more leverage than if you use only your fingers. 

Gently pull in different directions and use the pin to separate the parts of the chain that are tangled. You may need to work at it for a while with more tangled chains, though.

This method can also be combined with the above methods for a better chance of untangling your necklaces.

Take it to a Jeweler 

Unfortunately, even if you know how to untangle a necklace, some necklaces simply won’t pull apart no matter what you do.

In this case, your best bet is to take your necklace to a jeweler. They will have special tools on hand to undo any knots without causing damage.

In some cases, bad tangling can cause necklaces to deform. You won’t be able to fix these issues at home—however, a jeweler will be able to fully fix the necklace and have it looking like new again. 

How Can You Prevent Future Tangles?

The best way to untangle necklaces is to ensure that they don’t end up getting tangled in the first place!

To prevent future tangles, we recommend properly storing your necklaces on a necklace form or carefully placing them inside their own case. 

If you’re storing necklaces together, be careful not to rustle them when they’re too close together—trying to untangle two necklaces from each other can be a nightmare even with the methods above. 

Looking For Some Classy Necklaces?

Now that you know how to untangle necklaces (and hopefully prevent them from tangling), it’s time to add some to your collection. 

Isaac Mizrahi has all different types of necklaces to choose from, including subtle pieces to add a touch of sparkle to your outfit and bold statement-making pieces to catch everyone’s eye—the choice is yours. 

Shop our collection today and add some sparkle to your wardrobe.

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