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IM Loves… Weddings - Isaac Mizrahi

We can’t think of many occasions better than a wedding to show off your sense of style. 

In honor of the NYFW Bridal Fashion Week next month, we decided to make this edition of the  “IM Loves…”series all about wedding fashion—specifically, some of Isaac’s past wedding designs. 

Let’s walk down memory lane with some iconic bridal designs from Isaac Mizrahi. As always, we’ll continue this series for the rest of the year, so stay tuned for the next episode.

Isaac’s History With Bridal Designs Goes Back Decades

Isaac has been designing iconic bridal dresses for years. If we rewind back to 1994, we’ll find an  incredible look modeled by Kate Moss at an Isaac Mizrahi fashion show in Los Angeles.

We can’t get enough of the combination of a short white dress and classy gloves!

Isaac Mizrahi and The Aisle New York

In 2011, Isaac paired with The Aisle New York—a company offering slightly more affordable wedding dresses. 

For this venture, Isaac designed six gorgeous wedding dresses. The dresses were available for delivery straight to a customer’s door and were custom-made using ten different measurements. 

You can find three of the best designs  here, and an interview on the Wedding Podcast Network  here

Partnering with Kleinfeld

Possibly one of the most iconic partnerships in the bridal industry was Isaac’s partnership with Kleinfeld Bridal.

For several years in the 2010s, Isaac partnered with Kleinfeld to produce some truly elegant bridal designs. It started in  2012, when he experimented with some unconventional touches, including:

  • Gingham sashes
  • Pink lace
  • Black embroidery
  • All-black ball gowns

You can find more of these incredible designs in  this video

Two years later,  Isaac again designed wedding dresses with Kleinfeld. This time, he focused on light fabrics, illusion necklines, and delicate lace—all of these elements evoke romance and provide a fresh and youthful feel. 

Looking to the Future

The IM Loves… series is all about celebrating the past 35 years of the Isaac Mizrahi brand. Throughout those 35 years, we’ve seen incredible bridal designs from Isaac himself—we know that the future will also hold some incredible designs!

With 35 years comes a wide range of fun and engaging topics to cover. Don’t worry: The next  IM Loves… series entry will be here soon!