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IM Loves… Denim and Diamonds - Isaac Mizrahi

There’s nothing quite like showing off a unique and playful style—the kind of outfits that turn heads and make a bold statement. 

For example, the combination of denim and diamonds.

This entry in the IM Loves… series covers Isaac’s love of denim and diamonds! Over the years, Isaac has worked with the unique combination of denim and diamonds to create garments and accessories that are both luxurious and stylish.

With the 150th anniversary of denim just around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better time to cover this topic. Let’s look at Isaac’s history with both denimand diamonds before we look at an iconic outfit with both!

Everyone Loves Denim!

Can you ever go wrong with a great pair of denim? We say no!

Isaac has been a long-time proponent of denim, which he has incorporated into many of his collections. He has used denim in many different ways, from classicdenim jackets, and jeans to more unexpected pieces, likedenim cocktail dresses with unique patterns

Over the years, Isaac’s use of denim has helped to elevate the material from its humble workwear origins to a fabric that is synonymous with high fashion! 

Adding Some Sparkle to Your Look 

Isaac often incorporates diamonds into his designs, mostly using them as accents on clothing, accessories, and jewelry. He has created diamond-encrusted eyeglasses, shoes with diamond buckles, and dresses with diamond-studded belts. 

By incorporating diamonds into his designs, Mizrahi adds an element of luxury and glamor to his creations—nothing makes a bold statement like sparkling diamonds!

How About Both?

The denim and diamonds combination is a unique look that makes a prominent fashion statement—and it’s a look that Isaac has used before!

For an event Isaac hosted with a theme of denim, he pieced together a classy outfit with a chic denim jacket, a pair of his favorite jeans, and the crown jewel: Diamond-accented brooches! Also, he added some diamond-accented New York-themed pins because it was in New York.

Check out the outfithere!

Isaac Loves Unique Styles and Outfits

In celebrating the past 35 years of the Isaac Mizrahi brand, we’re bound to come across even more incredible style combinations and outfits—just like denim and diamonds. We know that the future will also hold some more stylish combinations worth highlighting!

Stay tuned for the next IM Loves… entry—it’ll be here before you know it!