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How to Attach a Pendant to a Necklace - Isaac Mizrahi

It’s hard not to think of jewelry when we think of incredible ways to accessorize our favorite outfits. 

One of our favorites is a classy necklace—nothing elevates an outfit quicker than adding some sparkle (as long as you can get it untangled!)

If you have a plain necklace, a symbolic pendant is a great way to bring it to the next level—but how exactly are you supposed to add a pendant to a necklace?

Don’t worry. We’ll teach you how to attach a pendant to a necklace withthree simple methods. But first, let’s talk about which chains work best for attaching pendants. 

Which Chains Work Best for Pendants? 

When it comes to attaching a pendant to a necklace, your best bet is to go with a plain necklace—after all, the pendant should be the star of the show! Minimalist designs work great for pendants, but you’ll also want to be sure that you’re choosing a chain that is strong enough to support your pendant of choice. 

Some examples of chain designs that work great for pendants include:

  • Cable
  • Figaro 
  • Curb
  • Wheat
  • Box

All of these designs are minimalistic enough to add a pendant and elevate your look.

You’ll also want to consider the thickness of a chain—chains that are too thin may not be able to support a pendant, while chains that are too thick may cause trouble when trying to attach the pendant itself. Opting for a chain around  1 mm in thickness is a great place to start. 

How to Attach a Pendant to a Necklace 

Ready to attach a pendant to your brand new necklace? Here are three simple methods you can use. 

With Jump Rings

Jump rings are typically the easiest method you can use to attach a pendant to a necklace. A jump ring is a small metal ring that can be easily closed or opened at any time, making it the perfect solution for your pendants.

  • To start, you’ll need the jump rings themselves, your pendant, a pair of pliers, and your necklace.
  • Gently grip the sides of the jump ring and twist it open—if you twist too hard, you could break or misshape the ring, so be extra careful! 
  • Find the loop on the back of the pendant, slip the opened jump ring through the loop and slide it through the link on the necklace where you want the pendant to sit. Make sure you securely close the jump ring back up, or the pendant will fall off. 
  • Gently tug on the pendant to ensure it’s tightly closed—if it moves or comes loose, carefully tighten the jump ring up. 

With a Bail

Bails are small loops or rings typically found on the back of pendants that make it easier to slip them onto your favorite necklaces. Compared to jump rings, bails tend to be a bit more decorative and have more to them. They also work great for pendants that are heavier.

  • Start with your bail (if it’s not already attached to the pendant), a pair of pliers, your pendant, and your chain.
  • Attach the bail to the pendant using the loop on the back of the pendant carefully using your pliers.
  • Just like the jump ring, gently open the bail with your pliers—being too aggressive can break the bail, so be careful. 
  • Slip the bail into the desired links of your necklace and close it back up.
  • Again, tug gently on the connection between the bail and the necklace to ensure everything is tight, and adjust if the pendant is too loose.

With a Head or Eye Pin 

If your pendant is made with a pre-drilled hole, your best bet is to use a head or eye pin. A head pin is a bit of jewelry wire that comes in different thicknesses depending on your needs. An eye pin is similar to a head pin—however, the one difference is that an eye pin has a round loop at the top similar to a jump ring. 

  • For a head or eye pin, you’ll need the pin itself, your pendant, necklace, and a pair of pliers. 
  • Start by slipping into the hole of the pendant and then use your pliers to bend the pin into a loop shape.
  • Attach the loop to the desired location on your chain and close the loop to secure the pendant to the chain.

What About Chains With Pendants Attached Already?

Looking for chains that come with pendants attached? We’ve got you covered—Isaac Mizrahi’s collection of necklaces has many great options, from3-row pendant necklacestomulti-color pendant necklaces and beyond.

If you want to skip adding a pendant to your necklace, no problem. Shop our necklace collection today!