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IM Loves… Theatre - Isaac Mizrahi

With theTony Awards coming up this month, we couldn’t think of a better time to talk about theatre.

This entry in the IM Loves… series is all about Isaac’s different experiences in the world of theatre—both behind the scenes and on the stage. Isaac’s love for theatre spans several decades and includes many different experiences, shows, and more. 

With the year only halfway done, we still have many more entries to get to after this one, so stay tuned!

Isaac Behind the Scenes

Isaac’s work in costume design can be seen in several different theatrical productions throughout history. Some of these include:

  • The Women
  • Barefoot in the Park
  • The Threepenny Opera
  • In fact, Isaac actually won aDrama Desk award for Outstanding Costume Design for his costume designs inThe Womenin 2002!

    Outside of costume design, Isaac has also done his fair share of directing. He spent time in the director's seat at theOpera Theatre of St. Louis to direct the productions “A Little Night Music” and “The Magic Flute.”

    Although there’s nothing more current in the works, we always look forward to the future—and any Isaac Mizrahi theatre costume designs that come with it.

    On the Big Stage

    From behind the curtain to the big stage itself—Isaac has taken his talents into the realm of acting for just one performance so far:He made his broadway debut November 2022 playing Amos Hart in the long-running show Chicago!

    Although this is his only acting credit, Isaac’s love of theatre means that we may see some more performances in the future. 

    Onto the Future

    We’re never ruling out any costume designs, directing credits, or big stage performances from Isaac in the future—after all, his love of theatre is well-documented!

    35 years of Isaac Mizrahi is a long time to celebrate, which means that we haveso much more to share with you. The next entry in theIM Loves… series will be here before you know it!